Ten TV Show and Movie Blooper Videos

Ah, bloopers – those film and tv show outtakes saved for the gag reel. Bloopers give a quick glance into the real human behind the character they’re playing. Here are ten bloopers & blooper reel videos that are particularly enjoyable. (Hint: check on the “Related Videos” list to the right and there will often be more blooper reels for that particular show or movie.)


It’s scary to think that there probably are physicians like Dr. House in real life. Personally I don’t want an incredibly cranky doctor hopped up on pain pills looking after my health, but that’s just me.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Filmmaking is hard work, but the above actors seem to be having a good time. And, hey, liquor and pirates always mix, unlike the cinnamon schnapps & orange juice I like to drink for my power breakfast.

Star Wars Bloopers

Classic Star Wars bloopers such as Mark Hamill losing his helmet in an odd fashion while playing with a lightsaber, Jabba the Hutt being insulted in creative ways, and Billy Dee William, as Lando Calrissian, screwing up his lines repeatedly, leaving him physical exhausted. Poor Lando. Managing a city in the skies, screwing over his buddy Han Solo, and being overworked… it’s a tough life for a smooth talking man with a great smile and haircut.

Grey’s Anatomy Bloopers

I still am having problems with TV shows portraying doctors who are hilarious, but leave you wondering how much they’re endangering they’re patients for a good punchline…

Will & Grace Bloopers

There’s almost ten minutes of Will & Grace bloopers in this video to enjoy. There’s a lot of physical bloopers too; the actors play-fight, Will falls off a bed, Grace (I think) runs into a pole, etc. Kind of like “Three’s Company” but there’s only two room-mates and one of them is actually gay.

Star Trek Bloopers

The clip above are bloopers from the Original Star-Trek series. Word is, Gene Roddenberry would bring a reel of these bloopers to show at the various ‘Trek conventions.


When something goes wrong on this show, people are almost hurt. But Adam and Jamie seem to be having fun, whether something goes right or wrong. And word flubs, too, like trying to pronounce “stethescope” correctly.

Seinfeld Bloopers

“The Show About Nothing”. Well, for a show about nothing Seinfeld has some pretty funny bloopers. Check out the last scene, where Kramer almost falls down running to the washroom to put out the fire on his hair, good stuff.

Game Show Bloopers

Here are bloopers from both American and British game shows. There are some classic shows in this clip, like “The Dating Game” and “The Family Feud”. And “The Hollywood Squares”, God help us all.

Home Shopping Bloopers

A classic home shopping channel blooper: samurai sword vs. man. Sword wins (kinda). Again, check on the right side of the page for more home shopping network bloopers. These bloopers are from the actual broadcasts, since such home shopping channels often broadcast live television

Spider-Man 3 Bloopers

These clips are from the raw out-takes of the movie. A lot of laughing in this reel, and bleeped swearing from J. Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man even dances!

If you know of a particularly good blooper reel, feel free to post the link in the comments section below.

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