Good Grief! Seven Videos of Gamers Annoying Other Gamers


Many gamers secretly love watching griefers in action, unless one is the target of said griefer, of course. From the earliest text muds to the MMORPG’s of today, griefing can sometimes be pretty serious business. Even Microsoft has a page about griefing. But griefing does make for some good videos, though. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy these following seven clips about griefing.

1. Team Roomba – “More Team Fortress 2 Griefing and Insurgency”

You have to give a guy credit for building his team’s teleporter exits right in front of sentry guns, which then proceed to kill said teammates. Makes for great video, too. The funniest part of this video, though, is when the griefer somehow manages to lodge his avatar into the opening bay door, making it stop and blocking his teammates from leaving base and, presumably, actually playing the game. Eventually, after a suitable amount of verbal abuse has been heaped upon him, the Team Roomba griefer starts an impromptu trivia contest with the enraged gamers. Brilliant.

You can find Team Roomba’s website at this link, as well as articles written about them here, here, and here.

2. Harrassing Nerds on Soccerjam

A a stable, well-balanced gamer named Leopulse punches, runs around, and basically harrasses to a near nervous breakdown a goalie player on a Soccerjam Counter Strike mod server. Eventually the entire game grinds to a halt as most of the players begin arguing about banning Leopulse. Funny and somewhat offensive, just how a good griefing video should be.

3. Enters World War Two

These guys take over a Day of Defeat server, sabotaging their own teammates and playing a hideous looping laugh on the voice channel. Complete and total rage from the other players ensues. They’ve got a whole bunch of other videos on their YouTube profile page, and their website can be found here.

4. Ventrilo Harrassment

From a great website with an impressive list of griefing videos, the perpetrator in this griefing hops onto a Ventrilo server and repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) plays a Duke Nukem soundboard in response to the other angry players. One woman really loses it, and pretty well has a semi-nervous breakdown on the microphone. Fun stuff!

5. WoW – Boom!

Above is a perfect example of online players exploiting a game developer’s lack of forethought. In World of Warcraft there is a “boss” monster named Baron Geddon whom could, in the past, cast a spell on players and their pets to make them explode. Boom, baby! Some enterprising psychopa…er, individual discovered a cursed pet could be unsummoned before it exploded, and then re-summoned to detonate in large crowds of other players. The secret soon leaked out, and before you knew it many auction houses on the World of Warcraft servers were littered with innocent players’ virtual bodies. It’s not the first time the developers of WoW screwed up, either; they’ve also been known to accidently unleash a virtual virus on their servers. Sometimes the best griefers are the game developers themselves.

Also enjoy the general hilarity of “I Hate You, Myg0t 2”. This video explores what may occur when someone if griefed beyond their breaking point, which is, after all, the whole purpose of griefing.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. Have fun, but not at someone else’s expense if you can help it…. nah, just joking, go ahead. Why not?

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